By Joan Bennett

StumbleUpon is rolling out a new design, and has revamped its content management. Users of the popular social discovery site can now follow Channels and uncover content from sites, people, and brands they already liked while Stumbling. The Channels already feature some 250 brands and celebrities.

The site is also getting an Explore box that works a lot like Search – it shows users Stumbles related to what they are looking for. Last but not the least, is a red hot new logo. Literally so. The familiar blue green is replaced by a bright orange, and the letters ‘SU’ that made up the logo also have a different type face.

StumbleUpon launched around a decade ago, and was acquired by eBay for $75 million in 2007. The company went back to being private again soon after, as its founders and investors bought the company back. StumbleUpon is believed to drive more traffic to websites than Facebook. It currently has around 20 million users, and a staff of about 100.