Samsung purchases Cray CS-Storm supercomputer

Samsung has purchased a Cray CS-Storm accelerated cluster supercomputer. The Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center (SSIC) procured the system for use in its research into artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning workloads, including systems for connected cars and autonomous technologies, said the companies in a statement.

SSIC, which works on multiple technology categories including digital health, IoT, data infrastructure and smart machines, has completed the installation of the three-cabinet Cray CS-Storm 500NX system with Nvidia Tesla Pascal P100 SXM2 GPU accelerators.

“At Samsung, we believe the rapid growth of data has untold potential to improve the way we live,” said John Absmeier, vice president of Smart Machines, Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center and senior vice president, Autonomous/ADAS Strategic Business Unit, Harman. “But first, we need to understand the technology – leveraging artificial intelligence and deep learning – that provides insights into all that data. Cray’s system helps Samsung do that development, and they even use Samsung’s own solid state drives in their system.”

[Image courtesy: Cray]

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