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All Samsung Devices To Be IoT-Enabled In Five Years


Consumer electronics giant Samsung is betting heavily on the Internet of Things (IoT). To begin with, the company is investing $100 million on the development community in the coming months. The funds will be used for accelerators, funding developers and startups, among other things. By 2017, 90% of all Samsung products will be IOT devices, includes all TV and mobile devices, says Samsung. Not only that, five years from now, by roughly 2020, every single Samsung device will be an IoT device, whether CD player or oven.

Delivering his keynote speech at CES 2015, Samsung’s CEO for the Consumer Electronics division, Boo-Keun Yoon, also promised he would keep the IoT ecosystem always open for Samsung. Mr. Yoon also repeatedly called for collaboration between different industries and interoperability between various companies for a truly connected experience.

“Samsung is devising many innovative components and smart devices,” says Mr. Yoon. Examples include sensors that are not only more precise, but also context-aware. Samsung is also wroking on a sensor that can identify twenty different smells.

IoT sensors are always on, and always connected; which means power management will be crucial. Samsung says it is working on two new processors – ePoP and Bio Processor – to address energy efficiency.

[Image courtesy: Samsung]

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