BaxterRethink Robotics has launched Baxter Research Robot, a humanoid robot with two arms, for $22,000. The robot is powered by a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can allow researchers to create custom applications. Baxter Research Robots are designed and manufactured in America.

Scott Eckert (President and CEO, Rethink Robotics): Robot application development could potentially go viral the way software did for PCs and mobile apps did for smartphones.

The Baxter Research Robot runs on ROS, the global Robot Operating System standard, and gives researchers the ability to share and build on each other’s work, says the company.

The $22,000 price tag includes built-in sensors such as cameras, force, sonar and rangefinder, and comes with a a service plan.

You can find the data sheet for Baxter research robot here.   

[Image courtesy: Rethink Robots]