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Oracle, Nvidia team up to deliver joint sovereign AI offerings

Oracle and Nvidia have announced an expansion of their collaboration to offer sovereign AI solutions to customers worldwide. Sovereign AI refers to the development and deployment of AI technologies aligned with digital sovereignty frameworks.

The partnership combines Oracle’s distributed cloud and AI infrastructure with Nvidia’s accelerated computing and generative AI software, enabling governments and enterprises to set up AI factories. These facilities can operate cloud services locally within secure premises, according to the companies.

The joint solutions are built on Nvidia’s AI platform and Oracle’s Enterprise AI capabilities, deployable across various Oracle cloud services. The offerings can be deployed in the public cloud or directly within a customer’s data center.

The partnership leverages Nvidia’s computing infrastructure and its AI Enterprise software platform, including the newly announced NIM inference microservices. Oracle plans to incorporate the Blackwell computing platform across OCI Supercluster and OCI Compute.

Oracle and Nvidia’s sovereign AI solutions are currently available for enterprise users.

[Image courtesy: Oracle]

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