Micronet Enertec awarded $1.2 million aerospace and defense contract

Micronet Enertec Technologies was awarded two purchase orders for an aggregate amount of $1.2 million from a current customer, a large global aerospace and defense contractor, says the company.

One purchase order, in the amount of $820,000, is for the development of a ruggedized, weather proofed military computer-based system for naval use. The other purchase order, from the same contractor, in the amount of $380,000, is for the development of a computer-based test and simulation system.

Micronet Enertec operates through two companies, Enertec and Micronet, with executive offices in the US and Israel. The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells rugged mobile computing devices, as well as customized military computer-based systems.

[Image courtesy: Micronet Enertec]

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