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Lenovo Expands U.S. Global Headquarters

[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Lenovo has expanded its U.S. global headquarters in North Carolina. The addition of two floors and 70,000 square feet in Building 3 on the three-building campus at 5221 Paramount Parkway, located in Morrisville’s Perimeter Park office complex, will accommodate the expansion.

Currently, Lenovo occupies two nearby buildings and the first floor of 5221 Paramount Parkway. Approximately 2,000 employees work throughout the campus, which serves as Lenovo’s U.S. Global headquarters, with co-headquarters focused on research and development in Beijing.

Lenovo will use the additional office space to accommodate overcrowding in the existing buildings and to provide growth space for recently-hired and yet-to-be-hired employees. Employees will move into the space starting in July.

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