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IBM Opens Three New Offices In India


IBM announced the opening of three regional offices in India as part of the company’s on-going geographic expansion in the country. The new offices in Dehradun (North India), Guwahati (Eastern India) and Raipur (Central India) provide IBM with a footprint of 18 branch offices across India to date.

IBM is currently focused on increasing its presence in smaller, rapidly developing Indian cities as part of its plan to establish a presence in 40 Indian cities by 2013. As a key part of its growth strategy, IBM is investing in the Indian education system with a number of partnerships and academic initiatives especially to support the growth of open source technologies. For example, IBM is partnering with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Guwahati to foster innovation and promote local technology talent.

IBM has a number of existing clients in Dehradun, Guwahati and Raipur where it is focused on banking, education, government, energy, manufacturing, industry and IT services sectors. Some of IBM’s clients in these regions include metals companies Vandana Global and Jindal Steel in Raipur as well as Kurmanchal Bank and Uttarakhand Power Corporation in Dehradun.

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