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Chinese telecommunications behemoth Huawei is foraying into automobile technology and telematics solutions.

At the 2013 Mobile World Congress currently going on in Barcelona, Huawei showcased its vehicle-compatible 3G and LTE communication modules, MU609T and ME909T, its 3G mobile hotspot, DA6810, and its 3G onboard diagnostic (OBD) box, DA3100.

Huawei says its automobile technology will provide stable wireless solutions regardless of weather conditions, terrain, or reliability of power supply.

The MU609T and ME909T are Huawei’s first 3G and LTE communication modules for vehicles. They are both pin to pin compatible, and cater specifically to the working enviroment temperature and power consumption of the automotive industry.

The MU609T can support up to 14.4M under the HSPA+ network, and the ME909T can support up to 100Mbps under the LTE network. Both modules are pre-installed with GPS and eCall. The FOTA remote firmwire upgrade capability makes it possible to integrate new technologies into existing MU609T and ME909T modules. 

The DA6810 3G WiFi Box creates 3G WiFi hotspots in mobile environments. Once installed with the HUAWEI DA6810 3G WiFi Box, provides vehicle owners with high-speed Internet.

The DA3100 is an on-board diagnistics (OBD) data transferring system that enables insurance providers and fleet management companies to retrieve information such as location, vehicle conditions and driver habits. This in-car system transfers information in real time through a 3G network to the telematics service provider (TSP) platforms of various third-party entities. It also enables vehicle owners to activate the car horn, headlights and windows remotely via smartphone apps.  

[Image courtesy: Huawei]