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GE has added 100 new hires at its Information Security Technology Center in Glen Allen – north of Richmond. The Center, which houses high-tech teams specializing in cyber security, as well as network design, architecture, data management, and application development, will continue to grow to 200 employees over the next few years, says the company. GE has a strong presence throughout the state, with over 2,100 employees living in Salem, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Glen Allen, King George, and Richmond.

GE’s facility in Virginia is part of a three-year trend of GE investing in technology centers in cities across the country. Near Detroit, Michigan, GE opened the Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center that has hired over 850 information technologists and engineers, and will grow to 1,400 over the next few years. In San Ramon, California, GE’s Global Software Center will hire 400 software professionals. In New Orleans, Louisiana, GE’s Technology Center will hire 300 IT professionals.

[Image Courtesy: GE]