Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz creates startup Sun and Thunder to build synthetic beings...

Former Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz has started a new company called Sun and Thunder to focus on AI characters and interactive storytelling, writes Dean Takahashi. Here is the link:

TechSee raises $30M (Israel)

Tel Aviv-based TechSee, an intelligent visual assistance company founded in 2015, has raised $30 million in a Series C equity investment round.

AR is finally infiltrating everyday tasks such as Google search — Fast Company

Augmented reality may have struggled to live up to its initial hype, but it’s quietly working its way into our lives—no fancy headset required; writes Rob Pegoraro. Here is the link:

Using augmented reality to teach children; Blue Hat signs kindergarten deals

Blue Hat, a  producer, developer and operator of augmented reality interactive content in China, says the company has signed agreements with six kindergartens in Xiamen.

The US Army is putting AR goggles on military dogs to better guide them...

The device was developed by Command Sight, as a project for the Army Research Laboratory, writes Mariella Moon. Here is the link:

CBRE, IBM extend relationship to include smart maintenance

IBM Services and CBRE are expanding their relationship to provide technology support services for CBRE's clients at select data center facilities it manages, say the companies.

Magic Leap appoints former Microsoft executive Peggy Johnson as CEO

Magic Leap has appointed Peggy Johnson, former executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft, as the company's new chief executive.

Google acquires smart glasses company North

Google has acquired North; a company founded in 2012 as Thalmic Labs.

Librestream raises $24M (Canada)

Canadian augmented worker enterprise solutions company Librestream has raised a $24M Series D capital round.

Augmented reality coming to Japan Airlines planes

Gogo and Japan Transocean Air, a Japan Airlines (JAL) group company, have inked a partnership that brings Augmented Reality (AR) to all of JTA's flights.  

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel says smart glasses are 10 years away from mass adoption...

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on Friday said he expects it will be 10 years before consumers widely adopt augmented-reality smart glasses, writes Salvador Rodriguez. Here is the link:

Bill Gates: If I were starting a company today, it would use AI to...

If Bill Gates were to drop out of Harvard University and start a new company today, it would be one that focuses on artificial intelligence, he said in an interview on...

Ultrahaptics acquires Leap Motion

Ultrahaptics is acquiring AR/VR company Leap Motion for a reported $30 million.

Microsoft CEO Nadella: HoloLens for war is fine if it’s used by a democracy...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has defended the company's $480m contract to supply HoloLens-for-war headsets to the US Army, writes Liam Tung. Here is the link:

The inventor of the hololens just left Apple — Variety

AR/VR pioneer and Hololens co-inventor Avi Bar-Zeev has left Apple, writes Janko Roettgers. Here is the link: