Thursday, August 16, 2018


More than 6m workers fear being replaced by machines – The Guardian

More than six million workers are worried their jobs could be replaced by machines over the next decade, according to a report urging trade...

Embodied raises $22 million

Pasadena, California-based artificial intelligence and robotics company Embodied has raised $22 million in a Series A funding round.

Chinese robotics company Ubtech raises $820 million

Humanoid robots company Ubtech Robotics has completed a Series C investment totaling $820 million, with a market valuation of $5 billion.

Endeavor Robotics wins $10M Marine Corps robots contract

The U.S. Marine Corps has awarded a $10 million contract to Endeavor Robotics for the company's FirstLook robots.

Teradyne acquires autonomous mobile robot company MiR for $148 million

Teradyne has acquired Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) of Odense, Denmark for $148 million. 

Sony, Carnegie Mellon University sign research agreement on AI and robotics

Sony  has entered into an agreement with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to collaborate on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics research. 

Genesis Robotics receives controlling investment from Koch

Genesis Robotics, a subsidiary of Genesis Advanced Technology (GAT), has received a controlling investment from Koch Industries.

Endeavor Robotics awarded contract to develop ‘back-packable’ robot

Endeavor Robotics has won the Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract for the US Army's Common Robotic System–Individual (CRS-I) program.

Circular Wave Drive raises $2M

Circular Wave Drive, a technology company that manufactures compact speed-reducing gears for robotics and applications, has raised $2 million.

Endeavor Robotics wins $9.2 million U.S. Marine Corps order

Unmanned ground vehicles company Endeavor Robotics has received a $9.2 million order to deliver Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGVs) to the U.S. Marine Corps....

The latest XPrize is for building remote-controlled humanoid robots — Fast Company

The XPrize Foundation is offering $8 million if someone can build robot avatars, writes Ben Schiller of Fast Company.  Here is the link:

Diligent Robotics raises $2.1M seed round

Austin-based robotics company Diligent Robotics has raised $2.1 million seed investment. The funding was led by True Ventures.

Fast-food CEO says ‘it just makes sense’ to consider replacing cashiers with machines as minimum wages rise — Business Insider

Jack in the Box says it is considering swapping some cashiers with robots as the minimum wage rises in California, Kate Taylor of Business Insider...

Endeavor Robotics provides ‘throwable’ robots to German armed forces

Endeavor Robotics has delivered 44 FirstLook robots to the German government. FirstLooks are often used to clear buildings and detect IEDs.

Japan is embracing nursing-care robots — The Economist

Around 5,000 nursing-care homes across Japan are testing robots, writes according to a feature in Economist. Read here -