raises $4M (Israel)

Israel-based, developers of connectivity platform for autonomous vehicle teleoperation, has raised $4 million.

Amazon to buy autonomous vehicle startup Zoox

Amazon has signed an agreement to acquire Zoox, a California-based company working to design autonomous ride-hailing vehicles from the ground up.

Volkswagen gets more active in software development with new Car.Software division — CNET

The new internal organization will develop most of VW Group's car and cloud-based software, unifying the brands with a VW.OS platform, writes Antuan Goodwin. Here is the link:

Intel acquires Moovit for $900 million

Intel has acquired Moovit, a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions company, for approximately $900 million.

Hoverfly receives largest government contract for tethered drones to date

Hoverfly, manufacturer of the LiveSky tethered drones, has been awarded a $10 million sole-source contract by a U.S. government agency.

Ford-VW alliance expands to include autonomous and electric vehicles — The Verge

VW will invest $2.6 billion in Argo AI, the Pittsburgh based autonomous vehicle startup backed by Ford, writes Andrew J. Hawkins. Here is the link:

Baidu claims its Apollo Lite vision-based vehicle framework achieves level 4 autonomy — VB

The Beijing-based tech giant today unveiled Apollo Lite, a vision-based framework that leverages multiple cameras to achieve level 4 autonomous driving — that is, operation with limited human oversight under select...

U.S. Postal Service tests self-driving trucks — NPR

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is experimenting with self-driving trucks to move mail across state lines, writes Vanessa Romo. Here is the link:

Uber spent $457 million on self-driving and flying car R&D last year — TechCrunch

Uber spent $457 million last year on research and development of autonomous vehicles, flying cars (known as eVTOLs) and other “technology programs”, writes Kirsten Korosec. Here is the link:

UPS drones are now moving blood samples over North Carolina — Wired

The service ran its first flight Tuesday, at North Carolina–based WakeMed’s hospital in Raleigh, using Matternet’s compact M2 quadcopter, writes Eric Adams. Here is the link:

Elon Musk promises a really truly self-driving car Tesla in 2020 — Wired

Elon Musk says Tesla cars will be so capable, you’ll be able to snooze in the driver seat while it takes you from your parking lot to wherever you’re going, writes...

Driverless delivery startup Nuro raises almost $1 billion — Ars Technica

Nuro was founded in 2016 by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, both veterans of Google's self-driving car project, writes Timothy Lee. Here is the link:

FBI catches another man allegedly stealing Apple self-driving car secrets — Ars Technica

According to the FBI, "hundreds of the files on Chen's personally owned computer were photographs of computer screens with Apple information on the screen," writes Timothy Lee. Here is the link:

Delphi powertrains to use TomTom maps

TomTom is collaborating with Delphi Technologies on powertrains, with their powertrain control system using TomTom’s maps.

Ottopia raises $3 million

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Ottopia, a technology company focused on remote assistance for self-driving cars, has closed $3 million in seed funding.