University of California Riverside wins $10M grant to develop environmental AI

The University of California Riverside (UCR), has won a $10 million grant to develop artificial intelligence that can be used for environmental and economic stability of agriculture in the Western U.S.

MIT: Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

MIT engineers have designed a “brain-on-a-chip,” that is made from tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses known as memristors.

Velodyne Lidar inks multi-year partnership agreement with Outsight

Velodyne Lidar has inked a multi-year partnership agreement with Outsight, a company providing Smart Cities monitoring.

Accenture awarded USPTO $50M BPA for designing search with Google machine learning

Accenture Federal Services has been awarded a position on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Intelligent Automation and Innovation Support Services (IAISS) blanket purchase agreement, a multi-award contract vehicle.

Wise Systems raises $15M

Wise Systems, an AI-driven routing and dispatching platform provider, has raised $15 million.

Pagaya raises $102M

Pagaya, a financial technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for asset management and institutional investments, has raised $102 million in a Series D funding round. 

Streamlit raises $21M

Streamlit has raised $21 million in Series A funding.

Facebook uses 1.5bn Reddit posts to create chatbot — BBC

"Blender" was trained using available public domain conversations which included 1.5 billion examples of human exchanges, says the report. Here is the link:

Intel acquires Moovit for $900 million

Intel has acquired Moovit, a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions company, for approximately $900 million.

Walmart deploys AI-powered self-service scales in China

Walmart is using RetailAI Fresh from Malong, a self-learning AI system, in 100 Walmart stores in China.

City of Las Vegas awards SenSen $1.5M tender

SenSen has been awarded a $1.5 million tender with the City of Las Vegas to provide intelligent transportation and smart city solutions

Alibaba’s new AI system can detect coronavirus in seconds with 96% accuracy — TNW

Chinese technology giant Alibaba recently developed an AI system for diagnosing the COVID-19 (coronavirus), writes Tristan Greene. Here is the link:

Algo raises $15 million

Algo, a supply chain technology company based in Troy, MI, has raised $15 million.

DocuSign to buy Seal Software for $188 million

DocuSign is acquiring contract analytics and AI technology providers Seal Software, for $188 million.

Using ‘radioactive data’ to detect if a data set was used for training —...

Facebook has developed a technique to mark images in a data set; so that researchers can determine whether a particular machine learning model has been trained using those images; writes Alexandre...