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Artificial intelligence versus 101 radiologists — Physics World

A commercial artificial intelligence (AI) system matched the accuracy of over 28,000 interpretations of breast cancer screening mammograms by 101 radiologists, writes Cynthia Keen. Here is the link: https://physicsworld.com/a/artificial-intelligence-versus-101-radiologists/

Intel acquires Omnitek

Intel has acquired Omnitek, a provider of optimized video and vision FPGA IP solutions.

Lemonade raises $300M

Lemonade, an insurance company powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, has raised a $300 million Series D funding round.

Affectiva raises $26M

MIT Media Lab spin-off Affectiva has closed $26 million in funding.

Google has opened its first Africa Artificial Intelligence lab in Ghana — CNN

Last week, the technology company opened its first center in Africa in Ghana's capital city, Accra, writes Aanu Adeoye. Here is the link: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/14/africa/google-ai-center-accra-intl/index.html

Google Brain’s AI predicts code from your previous edits — VentureBeat

A team at Google Brain, though, describe a promising new approach in a preprint paper on Arxiv.org (“Neural Networks for Modeling Source Code Edits“), writes Kyle Wiggers. Here is the link: https://venturebeat.com/2019/04/08/google-brains-ai-predicts-code-from-your-previous-edits/

Deep Lens raises $14M

Deep Lens, an AI-driven digital pathology company focused on clinical trial recruitment at the time of diagnosis, has closed a $14 million Series A financing round. 

AI systems should be accountable, explainable, and unbiased, says EU — The Verge

The European Union has published new guidelines on developing ethical AI, writes James Vincent. Here is the link: https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/8/18300149/eu-artificial-intelligence-ai-ethical-guidelines-recommendations You can find the EU guidelines here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/ethics-guidelines-trustworthy-ai

Enlitic raises $15M

Enlitic, a privately-held company utilizing artificial intelligence for medical imaging workflows for radiologists, has closed a $15 million Series B financing round.

Google’s brand-new AI ethics board is already falling apart — Vox

Just a week after it was announced, Google’s new AI ethics board is already in trouble, writes Kelsey Piper. Here is the link: https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2019/4/3/18292526/google-ai-ethics-board-letter-acquisti-kay-coles-james

MIT’s ‘cyber-agriculture’ optimizes basil flavors — TechCrunch

Machine learning-optimized hydroponic “cyber-agriculture” has produced a superior plant with more robust flavors, writes Devin Coldewey. Here is the link: https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/03/mits-cyber-agriculture-optimizes-basil-flavors/

Pagaya raises $25M

Pagaya, a financial technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) for asset management, has raised $25 million.

Intel Capital invests $117 million in startups

Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, announced new investments totaling $117 million in 14 technology startups.

McDonalds purchase of an AI company goes ways beyond “Do you want fries with...

McDonald's acquisition of an AI company (Dynamic Yield) last week is one of two powerful indicators of how AI is rapidly going to change the stories and frameworks we have used...

Skymind raises $11.5M

San Francisco-based enterprise AI and data science company Skymind, has raised $11.5 million dollars.