Morgan Stanley teams up with OpenAI to create bespoke solution for financial advisors

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has teamed up with OpenAI, to create a bespoke solution for financial advisors.

Google’s PaLM-E is a generalist robot brain that takes commands — Ars Technica

A group of AI researchers from Google and the Technical University of Berlin unveiled PaLM-E, a multimodal embodied visual-language model (VLM) with 562 billion parameters that integrates vision and language for...

Microsoft launches Dynamics 365 Copilot; unveils AI-powered updates across business apps

Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of AI-powered updates for its business applications portfolio, which includes the launch of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot.

Typeface raises $65M

Typeface, a generative AI application provider for enterprise content creation, has raised $65 million. 

Anthropic selects Google Cloud as preferred provider

Anthropic has selected Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider.

Bard’s first public mistake cost Google $100 billion — Quartz

Google’s parent company made a costly blunder in its haste, writes Ananya Bhattacharya. Here is the link:

IBM, NASA collaborate to research impact of climate change with AI

IBM and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center have inked a collaboration to use IBM's artificial intelligence (AI) technology to discover insights from NASA's Earth and geospatial science data.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquires Pachyderm

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has acquired Pachyderm, a startup that builds software to automate reproducible machine learning pipelines that target large-scale AI applications.

Capitol raises $10M

New York-based Capitol, has raised a $10 million seed round.

‘Part of the kill chain’: how can we control weaponised robots — The Guardian

Stuart Clark takes a look at the new military paradigm of murder by software and AI.

Lockheed Martin, Microsoft expand relationship to work on Department of Defense capabilities

Lockheed Martin and Microsoft have inked an expansion of their strategic relationship to work on Department of Defense (DOD) capabilities.

Thomson Reuters to acquire SurePrep for $500M

Thomson Reuters has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Irvine, Calif.-based SurePrep, a 1040 tax automation software and services provider, for $500 million. The transaction is expected to close in the...

Scientists taught an AI to ‘sleep’ so that it doesn’t forget what it learned,...

By making the network mimic biological sleep, researchers eventually found that in another experiment, interspersing sleep phases between short periods of the second task could allow the AI to remember how...

Axelera AI raises $27M (Netherlands)

Eindhoven, Netherlands-based AI startup Axelera AI has raised $27 million in a Series A investment round.

Lockheed Martin, Red Hat collaboraring on MicroShift for intelligence at the edge

Lockheed Martin and Red Hat have announced a collaboration to advance artificial intelligence (AI) innovation at the edge on Lockheed Martin military platforms.