Artificial Intelligence

Diffbot’s knowledge graph indicates machine learning still remains early in its lifecycle — Forbes

Businesses should be keeping an eye on ML, but business customers are not going to fail if they don’t immediately move to suppliers who...

How Hive is raising a massive army to build AI-training datasets — TNW

Based in Silicon Valley, Hive takes Amazon’s Mechanical Turk business model, and applies it to a workforce of 700,000 people, writes Matthew Hughes. Here is...

Qualcomm launches $100M AI investment fund

Qualcomm has launched an AI Fund as part of its venture investment wing, and says will invest up to $100 million in AI startups.

San Diego-based Brain Corp to provide AI services to Walmart

Brain Corp, a San Diego-based software technology company, has entered into a relationship with Walmart to provide AI services.

Conversica raises $31 million

Conversational AI startup Conversica has secured $31 million in a Series C funding round.

AppZen raises $35 million

San Jose, California-based AppZen has closed a $35 million Series B financing round.

DataRobot Raises $100 million

Machine learning startup DataRobot has raised $100 million in Series D funding.

MIT and IBM Lab partnership launches 48 projects to tackle AI challenges — Forbes

Today, the lab has 100 AI scientists that include 60 from MIT and 40 from IBM and resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Within a year,...

UK Met Office starts using Cray Urika-XC AI and analytics

The Met Office, the United Kingdom’s National Weather Service, has expanded its Cray XC40 supercomputer with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics capabilities.

Alibaba Cloud to work with Kenyan ministry to support wildlife protection project

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud-computing arm of Alibaba Group, and the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife of the Republic of Kenya have agreed to explore a collaboration to deploy Alibaba Cloud’s technology to support the Kenya Wildlife Protection Project. 

Tamr raises $10 million

Data unification and AI-based analytics company Tamr has closed a $10 million funding round.

Atomwise enters into an evaluation agreement with Pfizer

Atomwise has entered into an evaluation agreement with Pfizer, in which the drug giant will evaluate Atomwise’s platform to identify potential drug candidates.

The creator of Google’s self-driving car project is now working to automate boring office functions — CNBC

Sebastian Thrun, is taking on a new challenge that's a big shift from his work in autonomous transportation or online education, writes Jillian D'Onfro. Here is the...

Microsoft acquires deep learning startup Lobe for undisclosed sum

Microsoft has acquired San Francisco, Calif.-based deep learning startup Lobe for an undisclosed sum. 

Andrew Moore to head Google Cloud AI; Fei-Fei Li transitioning to advisory role

Dr. Andrew Moore, Dean of the School of Computer Science at CMU, will be joining Google Cloud to head up Google Cloud AI.