DARPA selects teams to Improve how scientists build/sustain models, simulations

Darpa says it has selected multiple teams of researchers for the agency’s Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction and Modeling (ASKEM) program.

Darth Vader’s voice emanated from war-torn Ukraine — Vanity Fair

A Ukrainian start-up called Respeecher uses archival recordings and a proprietary A.I. algorithm to create new dialogue with the voices of performers from long ago, writes Anthony Breznican. Here is the link:...

Microsoft, Planet Labs, Nature Conservancy collaborating to launch Global Renewables Watch

Microsoft, Planet Labs, and the Nature Conservancy have announced plans to launch the Global Renewables Watch (GRW), a living atlas intended to map and measure utility-scale solar and wind installations.

Nvidia’s new chip shows its muscle in AI tests — IEEE Spectrum

The Hopper GPU delivered as much as 4.5 times the performance of its predecessor, writes Samuel K. Moore. Here is the link: https://spectrum.ieee.org/mlperf-inferencing

New hardware offers faster computation for artificial intelligence, with much less energy — MIT...

Now that they have demonstrated the effectiveness of these programmable resistors, the researchers plan to reengineer them for high-volume manufacturing, writes Adam Zewe. Here is the link: https://news.mit.edu/2022/analog-deep-learning-ai-computing-0728

Army Research Lab expands AI/ML contract with Palantir for $99.9M

Palantir Technologies will expand its work with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to implement data and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) capabilities for users across the combatant commands (COCOMs).

Air Force Research Laboratory awards BAE Systems $7.8M ML software contract

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded BAE Systems a $7.8 million contract to develop tightly-integrated machine learning software.

AlphaSense raises $225M

New York-based market intelligence and search platform company AlphaSense, has raised $225 million in a Series D funding round.

Invoca raises $83M

Invoca has raised $83 million in a Series F funding round. The investment was led by Silver Lake Waterman.

Google suspends engineer who claims its AI is sentient — The Verge

The engineer, Blake Lemoine, works for Google’s Responsible AI organization, and was testing whether its LaMDA model generates discriminatory language or hate speech, writes Jon Porter. Here is the link: https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/13/23165535/google-suspends-ai-artificial-intelligence-engineer-sentient

A.I. gurus are leaving Big Tech to work on buzzy new start-ups — CNBC

Four of the best-funded new AI start-ups — Inflection, Cohere, Adept and Anthropic — have recently poached dozens of AI scientists with backgrounds in Big Tech, writes Sam Shead. Here is the...

CloseFactor raises $4.5M

CloseFactor has raised a $4.5 million seed funding.

Motive raises $150M

AI-powered automated operations platform providers Motive has raised a $150 million funding round.

J.P. Morgan appoints new Data Science leader, Arezu Moghadam

J.P. Morgan has hired Arezu Moghadam as managing director and global head of Data Science. 

SoundHound, Square partner to bring conversational AI to restaurants

SoundHound and Square are partnering to integrate SoundHound's conversational AI phone ordering automation with Square’s point-of-sale (POS) systems in a new offering.