Brillio partners with Google Cloud to develop AI solutions for financial and healthcare industries

Brillio, a digital transformation services provider, has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to develop solutions for financial services and healthcare organizations using Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities.

For financial services organizations, Brillio’s AI solutions, powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, will interpret loan applications, assist call center representatives, provide investment advice, and summarize portfolios. The solutions will also provide an integrated view of customer financial information; allowing financial organizations to create new products and services, personalize customer experiences, and explore additional revenue opportunities.

In the healthcare sector, solutions will focus on accelerating tasks like medical coding, prior authorization, claims processing, and regulatory documentation for clinical trials. Brillio is also developing an intelligent search solution using Google Cloud to improve patient and provider experiences by enabling online self-service access to benefits, claims, payments, and other health-related information, as well as optimizing call center operations.

The partnership will also see Brillio leverage Google Cloud’s AI technologies to establish a generative AI studio for the development of advanced generative AI solutions, tailored to meet client needs.

[Image courtesy: Brillio]

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