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Anthropic introduces team plan, iOS app for Claude AI

Anthropic announced two updates for its AI assistant, Claude: a new Team plan and an iOS app.

The Team plan enables teams to create a workspace with increased usage for members and tools for managing users and billing. It is designed to help teams across industries leverage Anthropic’s Claude 3 model family. The plan is available for $30 per user per month, with a minimum of five seats.

The Team plan features increased usage per user compared to the Pro plan, access to the full Claude 3 model family (Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku), a 200K context window, and admin tools for user and billing management. It also includes all Claude Pro features such as priority access during high-traffic periods and early access to new features.

The Claude iOS app is available for free to all Claude users. It offers the same experience as mobile web, including syncing chat history and support for taking and uploading photos.

In the coming weeks, Anthropic says it plans to release additional collaboration features for Claude, including citations from reliable sources to verify AI-generated claims, integrations with data repositories, and the ability to iterate with colleagues on AI-generated documents or projects.

[Image courtesy: Anthropic]

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