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I Do  

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You also agree to adhere to a ‘Be good’ attitude, at least while using Yes, we did draw our inspiration from Google’s ‘Don’t be evil’ policy. It was either that, or something along the lines of ‘An offer you can’t refuse). If we come up with a better line, we will post it here. Come to think of it, we do need a better line!


We can not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of  what you read here; nor can we guarantee that we will be able update our site on a regular basis.

The times they are a changin’.. site, we mean site

 We reserve the right to modify and update the Terms of Service, Content Policy and all such statements, at any time, without any prior notice. All such changes will be posted on the site. Please review all our statements from time to time, so that you are aware of any changes and stuff.

We also reserve the right to edit, delete or append the list of categories featured in, the look and feel of the site, and dictate whether or not it should rain in the plains of Spain. Okay, so maybe not the latter.

Your continued use of will be taken as an acceptance of the modified statements. (If you ask us, we do not think that any changes to our policies will have a hugely dramatic effect on the way you consume techtaffy, and chances are you would not even notice the modifications if they were standing unclothed on a silver salver. Unfortunately, what we think does not matter in this regard, and we still need to tell you the above, which you still need to read and understand).

Restrictions of Use

You have to be at least 18 years old to be reading on techtaffy. If you are under 13 years old, and reading this, please don’t. Do your homework or something. We will wait for you to grow up.

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More Blah

Please act responsibly! Thou shalt not post unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, libelous, defamatory, and /or obscene or otherwise objectionable messages. What you mutter under your breath does not count in this regard. Just don’t type and post such stuff please.

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Thou shalt always respect the Intellectual Property rights of others, even if such rights be moral rather than legal. By ‘Thou shalt,’ we mean ‘you will.’

If you believe your IP have been violated, please write to us immediately.

You may not post someone else’s content in without the explicit permission from that someone. (‘Explicit’; get it?)

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You may not use any robots, spiders, horses, goats, other applications, or in any other way retrieve or index any portion of, and/or reproduce the same elsewhere.

You agree not to transmit virus, worms, Trojan horses, through (we strongly advise you against your urge to do so elsewhere).

You agree not to use in any way that violates any law, local, state, national, international; or rules laid by your kindergarten teacher. We do not want to make you sit on the corner. Leave ‘em kids alone.

You agree not to post any illegal content or any content that is unlawful, or in any way promotes unlawful activity, on

You agree to believe the news, analysis, and all content at, or to let correspondents, bloggers, writers at to influence your decisions, at your own risk. (We will not be held liable in any way for any such decisions you may make and any consequences for same). Look before you leap. Think before your act. Wait! Watch! And so on and so forth.

Please do not give out payment information/social security details/phone numbers to anything or anybody that claims to represent us. We do not ask you for any such information. Not yet, at any rate!

(Image courtesy: Andres Rueda/Wikimedia Commons. Darth Vader is part of Star Wars, and belongs to George Lucas. Lightsabers on! Imagine! Peace! The Power of Myth. Tintin)

Last updated: 01-07-13