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Apple Selling Cheaper iPhone 5Cs

Apple confirmed Tuesday that it is now selling a cheaper version of the iPhone 5C. The phones come with less memory, and are available in Europe, among other geographies. Apple is also selling a newer iPad model at a slashed price.  Philip Schiller (Senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Apple): The iPad line sets the gold-standard in mobile computing. The Cupertino giant is replacing the iPad2 as the cheapest available iPad from the Apple stable, with the 9.7 inch fourth-generation Retina iPad. The 9.7-inch iPad is selling for $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, and $529 for the Wi-Fi and cellular models. The LTE devices have the Apple-designed A6X chip as well. 

Learning Is Better With Tablets, Finds Harvard-Smithsonian Study

The scale of the universe can be difficult to comprehend. Pretend you are going to make a scale model with a basketball representing the Earth and a tennis ball as the Moon. How far would you hold the tennis ball "Moon" from the basketball "Earth?" Most people would hold them at arm's length from each other, but the answer may surprise you: at that scale the balls would need to be held almost 30 feet apart. A study by Smithsonian researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics shows that students grasp the unimaginable emptiness of space more effectively when they use iPads to explore 3-D simulations of the universe, compared to traditional classroom instruction. It suggests that iPads (and other tablets) can improve student understanding...

IPad Mini With Retina Display Now Available

The iPad mini with retina display is now available. The devices come in silver or space gray, and prices start from $399. The iPad mini with retina display wi-fi models are retailing for $399 for the 16GB model, $499 for the 32GB model, $599 for the 64GB model, and $699 for the 128GB model. The iPad mini with retina display wi-fi + cellular models will be available for $529 for the 16GB model, $629 for the 32GB model, $729 for the 64GB model, and $829 for the 128GB model.  

Why Shower, When You Can Have A ‘Media-Rich Bathing Event’?

Catalog shopping company Hammacher Schlemmer has launched a $165 iPad musical shower curtain that turns a shower into a "media-rich bathing event". The iPad Musical Shower Curtain has a waterproof pocket that zips closed from the outside. The shower-facing side of the pocket is made from touch-enabled material that responds to wet- or soapy-handed touch commands.  

Hawaiian Airlines Replacing Entertainment Systems With IPads

Hawaiian Airlines will be offering the Apple iPad mini on all of its wide-body Boeing 767-300 aircraft as in-flight entertainment, starting this September. The airline has contracted Bluebox Avionics to deploy 1,500 iPad minis on 14 B767 aircrafts serving 14 routes between Hawai‘i and the U.S. Mainland, Asia and South Pacific. The iPad minis will replace all current portable entertainment systems on all of Hawaiian Airlines’ B767 routes. The iPad minis are complimentary in Business Class on all B767 routes and available for rent in Economy Class for $15 if reserved at departure gate prior to boarding, and $17 if rented in-flight.

Art Meets IPads In Renovated Crayola Experience

Crayola has re-opened the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania, a short distance from both New York City and Philadelphia, after a multi-million dollar renovation. Spread across a 60,000 square feet building, the Crayola Experience features 18 exhibits that allow children to explore the intersection of art and technology. Attractions include the Art Alive! exhibit, where users can create digital works of art, on Tryten kiosks set up with iPads featuring the Crayola DigiTools app. The artwork is broadcast onto a wall with motion-sensing capacities, and moves based on how the artist wants it to. For example, children standing at the kiosk can design and color a fish character, that joins a ocean scene wall display, and moves through the ocean.  Another Crayola Experience exhibit that inspires budding digital...

E-Books On the Rise, Printed Books Declining

The population of e-book readers is growing, according to a study by Pew Internet.     In the past year, the number of those who read e-books increased from 16% of all Americans ages 16 and older to 23%. At the same time, the number of those who read printed books in the previous 12 months fell from 72% of the population ages 16 and older to 67%. Overall, the number of book readers in late 2012 was 75% of the population ages 16 and older, a small and statistically insignificant decline from 78% in late 2011. The move toward e-book reading coincides with an increase in ownership of electronic book reading devices. In all, the number of owners of either a tablet computer or e-book reading...

Sprint Starts Selling IPad Mini

Sprint is now offering the iPad mini and fourth generation iPads, with a range of data plans, including ones without a contract. The iPad mini, a completely new iPad design that is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the third generation iPad, features a s 7.9-inch Multi-Touch display, FaceTime HD and 5 megapixel iSight cameras, and 10-hours of battery life. The fourth generation iPad features a 9.7-inch Retina display, new Apple-designed A6X chip, FaceTime HD camera and ultrafast wireless performance. Limited quantities of the new iPads are currently available at select Sprint retail locations. You may also be interested in: Its Official. Apple Unveils IPad Mini.

Its Official. Apple Unveils IPad Mini.

Apple introduced a smaller, thinner, and lighter avatar of iPad on Tuesday, with the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini comes with a slightly different look in a glass and aluminium body, but packs very similar punch.  It features a  dual-core A5 chip, FaceTime HD,  5 megapixel iSight cameras, and the  same number of pixels as the original iPad and iPad 2. The iPad Mini is 23 percent thinner at 7.2 mm, and 53 percent lighter than the third generation iPad, at  0.68 pounds. It also features dual-band 802.11n wi-fi support for speeds up to 150 Mbps,  twice the performance compared to previous iPad models. The Personal Hotspot feature means you can share a fast cellular data connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB with up to five other devices. Battery life...

Google Launches YouTube App For IPhones, IPods

Google has launched an official YouTube app for iPhones and iPod , built by YouTube engineers. You can expect an optimized version of the YouTube app for iPad in the coming months. In the meanwhile, if you are curious to check out the new app from your iPads, do it. The app is available for download from the Apple App store. The YouTube app comes with a YouTube channel guide and new search tools that give suggestions while you type, and let you sort through videos or channels. If you are using this app, you will also be seeing 'new' advertisements. Apple's avatar of YouTube did not show ads. Google's YouTube app debut comes in the wake of Apple confirming that its YouTube license with Google has expired, and...

Apple Now Most Valuable Public Company. Ever!

Apple has become the most valuable public company. Ever. Apple's stock price witnessed a 2.63 per cent jump, or $17.04 per share, on Monday. At the time of writing, the company's after hours price is moving further north, with a $1.35 jump to $666.50 per share. The rational exuberance is part due to the new iPhone that the Infinite Loop giant is expected to unveil sometime next month. The company sold 17 million iPads during the quarter, a whopping 84 per cent unit increase over the year, also a contributing factor to the stock's performance. Apple's market cap currently stands at $623.52 billion. Lets look at a few pieces of stats that may interest you: Apple's market cap currently stands at $200 billion north of  Exxon ($405.97...

Amazon Instant Video App Now Available For IPads

Amazon.com has launched the Amazon Instant Video App for iPad. Users can stream or download Amazon Instant Video movies and TV episodes from their video library directly on their iPad. The app also makes more than 20,000 titles from Prime Instant Video available to Prime members, including TV shows like Glee, Downton Abbey and Fringe, or movies such as Mission: Impossible 3, Mean Girls and Ocean’s Eleven, to stream instantly on their iPad at no additional cost.  

Yahoo Launches TV Screen-Capture App For IOS

Yahoo has unveiled the next evolution of IntoNow that lets users capture, communicate and discover television content from their mobile or tablet devices. IntoNow 3.0 uses patented SoundPrint technology to automatically identify live or previously aired television content spanning more than 2.7 million airings. Over 160 U.S. TV channels are currently being indexed live. The IntoNow 3.0 App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Adam Cahan (Founder,  IntoNow and vice president,  Product, Yahoo): We’re the first to offer some major technological innovations – like the ability to capture and share moments that happened seconds ago on TV or automatically identify songs playing in the background. IntoNow 3.0 has been rebuilt and re-designed around three new features: Music Sync automatically identifies “what’s that song?” playing during a show –...

Apple Sells 17M IPads, But IPhone Numbers Disappoint

Apple posted quarterly revenues of $35 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.8 billion, or $9.32 per diluted share, for its fiscal 2012 third quarter ended June 30, 2012. These results compare to revenue of $28.6 billion and net profit of $7.3 billion, or $7.79 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 42.8 per cent compared to 41.7 per cent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 62 per cent of the quarter’s revenue. The company is sitting on a $117 billion cash reserve, up $7 billion from the previous quarter. Apple's iPhone sales fell 26 per cent from the previous quarter, even though unit growth represented a 28 per cent jump over last year. Apple sold 26 million iPhones in the quarter; thats...

New IPad Arrives In China

Apple's third iteration of the iPads, the 'new iPad' arrived in China on Friday, July 20. An advanced online reservation system ensured that there where no crowd frenzy at the retail outlets; the company's launch of the iPhone 4S in Beijing earlier this year had been disrupted by an angry mob when the launch was not on schedule. The launch follows on the heel of Apple settling a $60 million lawsuit with Proview Technologies, a local company, over the branding of the device. The new iPads are available through the Apple Online Store , Apple authorized resellers and by reservation from Apple retail stores. The new iPad Wi-Fi models will be available in black or white for $499  for the 16GB model, $599 for the 32GB model and...