Content Policy

Here is our content policy in a nutshell.

Intellectual Property

Images/logo you see in the TechTaffy site belong to their respective owners. Our use of these are a privilege, not a right, and here is a collective thank you to all the companies for working on your Media resources! We are also grateful to Wikimedia Commons for some of our images. You will find we credit the respective sources in our articles.

We do own the TechTaffy name/logo, and all that.

The content you see on the site, belongs to It is okay to refer to this story and that..  but if you want to use or repurpose huge chunks of our content for commercial use, please get in touch with us.

Noresponsibility Whatsoevering

We are not responsible if you do something (like invest in a company, or buy something, and so on) because you read about it here, and it causes major or minor damage. One person’s meat, could be another person’s lemon that keeps crashing.

We will (however) happily take credit (or pizza) for all or anything good that happens to you on account of you reading TechTaffy.  Such is life.

Trials, errors, and erratum errata

Where where we.. oh yeah. We were here. We may make mistakes. If you think we have messed up a fact please write to us.


If you are agreeing into any kinds of agreement with any of the advertisers here, please understand you do so at your own responsibility. Caveat Emptor! 

If you advertise with us, you will not get automatic editorial coverage.

News selection

We are trying to be as comprehensive as possible; but we may not be able to cover all the stories we want to. Our categories are also going to be getting revamped, we think (the jury is still out on that one).

If you want to send media releases, or news pitches, please drop us a line.

(End of blah blah)

Thank you for your patience! You did read this, didn’t you? Coz your continued use of TechTaffy will mean you did, and also agreed with the stuff about content.

Updated: 05-31-14