1. Music-Discovery Company Shazam Valued at Roughly $1 Billion
2. Simon Pegg Co-Writing ‘Star Trek 3′ With Doug Jung
3. Drone carrying drugs crashes near Mexican-US border
4. Did Facebook just kill the Web’s burgeoning fake-news industry?
5. sends personal data to Twitter, Yahoo and Google
6. Exploding Kittens sets fire to Kickstarter
7. AMD looks to its Carrizo chips for PC rebound
8. Price Slump Tests Bitcoin’s Self-Correcting Economics

1. Xiaomi Revenue Doubled to $12 Billion in 2014
2. Breach Puts Morgan Stanley Client Data Up for Sale
3. Facebook Acquires To Help Its Developers With Speech Recognition And Voice Interfaces
4. Nikon announces the D5500, its first ever touchscreen DSLR
5. You can play nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS games for free right now
6. Intel Shuts Down Russian Developer Forums To Comply With Russia’s ‘Blogger Law’
7. Sony’s head-mounting display will turn spectacles into smart glasses
8. Mercedes-Benz unveils connected, self-driving concept car

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Israel-based crowdsourced transit mobile service Moovit has raised $28 million round led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from its existing investors BRM Group and Gemini Israel Ventures. Gili Raanan will represent Sequoia on the Moovit board.